The Coming Crisis

I don’t know any better that anybody else what’s going to happen when the grand jury issues its statement in Ferguson, as to whether Darren Wilson should stand  trial for the murder of Michael Brown.  This is not even the trial.  This is the secret trial to decide if there  should be a trial.

To me, it’s a no brainer.  He killed him.  There should be a trial.  He can try to persuade a jury of this ‘feared for his life’ nonsense.

But, that’s not what I expect to happen.  I saw an article today  about how protesters in Ferguson are getting arrested, and I suspect this is pre-emptive.  If a lot of the protesters are already in jail when the news comes down, and the grand jury says “Nah, we don’t need to bother with a trial”  it will be easier for the police to maintain order.  So, I suspect that the Ferguson police already know that that’s what the grand jury will say, and  that means the fix is in.

It figures.  Police all across the U.S. are killing people without any fear of repercussion.  None have been charged.  None have had a trial.




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