Racism Can’t Last Forever

I don’t  really want to write my blog about Ferguson tonight, because I’ve been arguing about it all day on facebook, and I’ve become certain of one thing.  That no one who holds an opinion on this is likely to be convinced of the contrary opinion.  And also, it’s done.  There will be no trial.  Even if Darren Wilson gets sued in civil court, even if the  protests continue for another month or two, it is over.  Once again, justice was not done.

O.K., that’s two things.

But, since we were talking about race (and we were.  it is all about race.), this is a good excuse  for me to present my theory of why racism will eventually become extinct.

1.  There are approximately 7 billion people on Earth.

2.  Let’s say 1% are of mixed race.  I’m pretty sure it’s way higher than that, but it’s hard to estimate.  The world is a big place and some  are ethnically blended and some places, like Iceland and Japan, are extremely homogenous.  I choose the 1% figure for ease of calculation.  Read on.

3.  1% is 70 million people.

4.  Let’s say 25% of those 70 million are part of couples of child-bearing age and gender combination.  That’s about 17.5 million people.

5.  We’re going to work with an arbitrary number again at this point, one to one, replacement ration.  What can be assumed is that the ration of procreation among this segment of the population should be the same as the  single-race breeders.

6.  Children of mixed race couples have 3 possibilities.  They can breed with a member of one race, the other race, or another mixed race person.

7.  The children of those who breed with one race or another are of mixed race, plus those who breed with other mixed race partners.

8.  Every decade or so, the percentage of mixed race children in the general population will increase by .3.

9.  That doesn’t sound like much, but it’s cumulative.

10. Some day all humans  alive will be so mixed up, and have people with a different ethnic appearance among their close family members, that no one  will be able to ever say or do anything  racist if they ever want to be invited  for Thanksgiving again.

11.  On that day, all the Sneetches will forget about stars.


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