Criminals Don’t Give a Shit

I see a parallel between what is happening in Ferguson, in  Staten  Island, and between the police  and the people  all across America, and the release of the Senate report on torture.  Police have been caught  on camera killing people without any provocation whatsoever, even children, and no police officers have been indicted at all, and it just seems like the police, who are the thin blue line protecting the powers that be against the  unwashed mob that  is the rest of us, are saying ‘Yeah, we know you know that we kill whoever we want to, and we know you know we know and there  isn’t a damn  thing you can do about it, so hahaha.’

Sort of the same thing with the torture report.  It’s confirmed  now that it was happening like  crazy all over the place, so it can’t be  denied.  Of course, there were photos all over the place at the time, too, it’s amazing  that the only person punished for it was that nearly  retarded girl  down  in North  Carolina who only participated to look cool in front of the camp bully, who she was shtooping.

In  a just world, when a report like this is released (or when millions of  people see film of  a police  officer choking a man to death for selling  cigarettes, or of a child  playing with  a toy  gun, gunned  down  in a park by an officer we now know was emotionally unfit for  duty) there would be repercussions, heads would  roll, many people would resign to spend more  time with their families.

No such thing any  more.  There will be legislation calling for bipartisan censure of anything bad that might  have happened and we’re sorry if anybody is offended and so on and  so  forth.

It’s a bad situation.  Until some people go  to jail  over this  kind of thing, we canexpect this kind of thing to continue.


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