Greenpeace Screws Up

Well, that sure was a bonehead move on the part of Greenpeace.  When your whole message is ‘save the Earth’ you don’t want to get into trouble with the park rangers.  That’s messed up.  I’m sure their intentions were good.  Put a nice little save the Earth message out there where lots of people could see it (lots of tourists who definitely weren’t there to see it, they wanted to look at the Nazca lines, they wanted to look back centuries, millenia, to a time long before Greenpeace, to a time long before Greenpeace was necessary) and it could be seen from above, good footage for TV and YouTube.nazca lines greenpeace

Officials at the site are pissed.  They want jail time.  They want to punish those Greenpeaceniks like Wesley Crusher in that episode where he went after the frisbee in the park but soon found out that walking on the grass was a capital offense on that planet.

“Disturbing the environment,” they said. With their footprints.    Well, any place else in the world, I’d say they  were exaggerating, but not here.

If Greenpeace’s motive was to draw attention to themselves, they’ve succeeded.  But, it’s not the good kind of attention.  As far as political self-expression goes this was about the equivalent of taking a dump on the White House lawn.


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