Family in Town

My niece is here, with her husband who I’d never bet before today, so that is great.  My nephew (they are cousins, and both are my kids’ cousins)  will arrive the day after tomorrow.

So the blogs through Christmas might be a bit shortish.  I probably also won’t get much done on the book through the next week but I’m not terribly worried – it’s so close to done.  There is a beginning, a middle and an ending.  I just need to fill in a few holes, change a few names, proofread for typos and spelling mistakes, and it will be done.

We went out sightseeing this afternoon.  Is it my imagination or are the crowds of tourists in Prague constantly getting bigger?  Walking from the Orloj over to the Christmas tree took about half an hour, and I kept thinking  we’d lost one of the kids.

She’s been to Prague a couple of times before – it was his first time.  Both were suitably impressed by the stunning beauty of the city.

I’d better wrap this up and let everybody get to bed.  All for now.


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