Family and Friends

We’ve got quite a crowded cabin right now so I’m going to crank this out and get to bed and out of the way.  We’ve got my niece and her husband on the fold out couch, my nephew on a mat on the floor, and his friend on a mat on the floor in the kid’s room.

We open gifts on the 24th here, and we had a full holiday dinner, with turkey, mashed potatoes, and several different kinds of cookies and fruit.  After that, it was torn paper all over the place.

Basically, it’s difficult to move through the house so here, behind the screen, is the safest place to be.

Sam got some new Kinect games so right now Isabel is standing on the couch (bed) jumping up and down and everybody’s having a good laugh.

Betsy and Enderson have been here a couple of days so we all went down together to meet Ben at the train station and he arrived with a friend so there was one new person at the table, which keeps things interesting and in perspective.

I’m glad we celebrate on the 24th.  It’s over.  The pressure is off.  Tomorrow I can take everybody on a walking tour of Prague and it will be almost a normal  tourist  experience.

Also, because so much of the family is here, we skyped our aunt in New York City, who couldn’t hear us very well (she’s 101), and then Betsy’s sister Michelle, whose 2 year old did not feel like hamming it up for the camera, but it was good to see her anyway.

It has been a good day.  It has been a good year.  Much love to you all.


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