Bill de Blasio’s Big Problem

The police don’t seem to understand how much to blame for the current  situation they are, how  badly they have fucked up, and they may never understand it, unless there are some indictments.

Instead, they grow bolder and bolder with their “Fuck you, we’re the police, we can kill whoever we want” attitude.  Witness the blatant act of disrespect showed to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio when he was speaking at the funeral of a cop.  They  turned their backs on him.  Hundreds of them.

They are angry because Mayor de Blasio said something like “I can understand why  people are protesting.  Maybe the police shouldn’t be all the time killing black people,” which  is actually a fairly reasonable thing for a mayor to say.

De Blasio didn’t shoot those  two officers.  That was a  deranged man who hated cops (of whom there are now millions, due to cops killing black people all the time and never standing trial for it, even when there is video) and who had shot his girlfriend that morning and stolen her cell phone, a couple of crimes that the police were just  ignoring.

I can understand how  it must hurt to lose a friend and colleague, and how bad it must feel on top of that to know that the deaths were really caused by laziness and a lack of professionalism on the part of police.  So, they start pointing the finger at De Blasio.

It’s a shame it has to come to this, because cops are struggling, working class people as well, but he should fire every last one of them if he can.  Their job is to protect and serve.  Their job is not to act like an asshole and try to score cheap political points.

If he can’t legally do that, he should fire the chief.  Because this is bullshit.


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