A Change of Routine

Well,  we are up at the cottage for a couple of days,  which is not my absolute favorite way to spend a couple of days, but I’ve got all my electronic devices with me, and left all my drugs at home, so maybe I’ll actually get some work  done.

I finished one of the two kindle books I got for Christmas, Reverend America, by Kris Saknussem, an author I highly recommend.  It’s an interesting story, about a boy who’s ‘rescued’ from an orphanage by an itinerant grifter couple and raised to be a  rabble rousing preacher, mostly because he’s an albino and they’re all about the gimmick, and it’s told from his point of view as an old man.

Tomorrow I intend to spend some serious time working  on my  own book.

It snowed last night, even in Prague, so there were a couple of nervous moments on  the drive up, but no serious problems.  I supervised Isabel and her 3 cousins sledding down the hill, which meant also pulling them back up like I was a mule and after doing that a couple of times I persuaded them to build a snowman.  I wanted to persuade them to go back inside,  but there was less hope of that than of getting Americans to accept reasonable limitations on gun ownership.

Watcbed “The Blind Side”  but in  Czech.  It was interesting enough that I want to see it  in  English.

All for tonight.


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