A Sense of Humor is Essential

It would be wrong not to write tonight about what happened in Paris today.  The latest thing I heard is that the police have suspects and I’d like to hear more about that, it sounds like two of them are brothers (same last name, anyway) which brings back memories of the Boston bombing.  That’s good.

I hope they’ve got the right  guys.

Of course, there is never a good time and place for a terrorist attack, but when you  attack a comedy magazine, you are coming out as anti-humor.  Anti-humor.  That is even worse than  anti-science.

People need to laugh.  People need  to cry.  People need  to be able to walk around and mingle freely without hiding under a portable tent.  People need to sing, and dance, and relax on the beach.  Some people even like to have a glass of wine once in a while, not to mention the bacon  sandwiches.

People do not need religion.

Another story I’d like to talk about tonight is the bomb in front of the NAACP building in Denver, and the way the story was ignored by the media until it spread through social networks.  Of course, it was overshadowed  by the slaughter in Paris, but they’d already been ignoring it for a while before that story  broke.

Also, nobody was hurt.  It bleeds, it leads, that’s the rule of the news.

But it’s not the first story that has been pretty much ignored by the media until social media got  in there.  Occupy, Ferguson, and more.

Go, social media!


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