People go on and on about how much they hate Monday, they want to shoo-oo-oo-oot the whole day down, they say Thank God it’s Friday but Oh, Shit it’s Monday, and I can understand the sentiment, lots of people have jobs they hate and plenty of people who have jobs they don’t totally hate still love to complain about them because people love to bitch, they actually seem to derive pleasure from complaining about their misery.

But, since I have an unconventional job, I have an unconventional schedule and Monday’s a pretty good day for me.  My first class (and today, the only one) is about two minutes from my flat, an undemanding conversational lesson with a pleasant and very attractive young lady in her office.  What better way to enjoy the first cup of coffee of the work week and ease into it?

Then, I had to go to the courthouse out at Prazskeho Povstani to get that little piece of paper which confirms that I’m not a convicted felon and have never been in prison, because one school where I teach is demanding it.  I thought that was going to be a huge pain in the ass because, when I arrived here in ’98, it was.  Hundreds of people milling around outside, at least a two hour wait, and grumpy clerks who would find some reason, any reason, to make you come back.

But, the Czech Republic has changed.  It was quick, it was efficient, it took about two minutes.

At home, I got a little bit of work done on my next book, a collection of very short poetry, but not much.  Mostly, I just read a book called  “The Thirteenth Step: Zombie Recovery,” by Michele Miller.   Normally, I wouldn’t bother with a zombie novel, but since it was just 99 cents on kindle and the author is my cousin, I went for it. But I really enjoyed it. The characters were interesting and varied, the scenes were vivid, the dialogue felt genuine, and the action was fast paced. Thumbs up all around.

I read it on the Metro on the way to pick up Isabel for her ballet lesson, read it while I waited for her, and then finished it after I got home.  The baseball bats were swinging and the zombies heads exploding all over the place.  Very satisfying.


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