We make fun of Chris Christie because he’s fat, John Boehner because he’s orange and his name looks like it should be Boner, Mitch McConnell because he looks like a turtle, Rick Santorum because his name is Santorum  (which wasn’t a dirty word until we made it so), Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, and Louie Gohmert because they are really dumb,  but come down to election time, it would be a mistake to focus on any of that.  Fat is not a negative, it’s just a physical characteristic.  Mitch McConnell can’t help it that he looks like a turtle, and Boner and Santorum can’t help their names, although Boner could probably   return himself to a normal complexion if he wanted.

Horrible Person Chris Christie

Horrible Person Chris Christie

No, the thing we have to remember is that they are all truly horrible people, who want the world to be a  more impoverished and polluted place, or at least are willing to vote that way in return for personal profit.  They know perfectly well that the Earth is on the brink of ecological disaster.  Maybe not Palin, Jindal, Perry, and Gohmert because they are comically stupid in addition to their character flaws, but most of them know that.  Even Hucklepickle, religious fanatic that he is, is not that stupid.    They know that reducing taxes on the rich does not really create jobs.  However, it is their job to make the case that it does.  Truth, history, economics and evidence be damned.

Chris Christie is certainly aware that large numbers of parents refusing to vaccinate their children presents a risk to public health.  He just doesn’t give a shit, because he’s a horrible person.

He deliberately blocked off the George Washington bridge and caused a mega traffic jam just because he was pissed off at the mayor of Fort Lee.  That is seriously a sign of a fucked up person.  That’s why he should never be president.

It’s   got nothing to do with his weight.


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