The Results of Your Actions

Q: What do Kanye West and Brian Williams have in common?

A: It doesn’t really matter what happens to either one of them.

Brian Williams,  with President Lincoln outside Gettysburg

Brian Williams, with President Lincoln outside Gettysburg

So, Kanye West has done it again, sort of.  It wasn’t as dramatic as his drunken “Ima let you finish” speech a few years back, interrupting Taylor Swift when it was her turn to accept a Grammy.  This time the award went to Beck, and Kanye tried to make sort of a joke out of it but,nonetheless,  it was a repeat performance, stealing the show, messing up the moment for somebody else.  Seriously poor sportsmanship, and a misunderstanding of what awards programs are all about.  Basically, you don’t always get to win. The people you want to win don’t always win.  Whoever wins, some people are going to be disappointed, but they and their friends are expected  to keep smiling and applaud for the winner.  It is the same whenever awards are given, from employee of the month to Miss America.  It is not an election to political office.  You don’t get to ask for a recount.

I know this is not going to happen, but I think Kanye West should probably be barred from attending the Grammy’s in future.  If you or I behaved in an egregiously anti-social manner twice at the same pub, we’d be barred, either permanently or until the next change of management.  It’s justified.

Also, it won’t really hurt Kanye West at all.  It won’t limit his freedom, it probably won’t hurt his career, and it wouldn’t even stop him from winning any awards in future – just from picking them up in person.

As  to Brian Williams’ little white lie, it’s not an evil thing, he didn’t actually hurt anybody, but he did lie, he got caught, and he will never be seen again as a 21st century Walter Cronkite.  (In retrospect, I wonder if Walter Cronkite was even what we thought Walter Cronkite was but he’s gone now, and safe from scandal for all eternity)  Sure, I think he should lose his job.   It’s not as if he’s going to be forced into unemployment and poverty.

TV news reporters, even anchor people, are pretty interchangeable, and there are thousands and thousands of ambitious young actors who would love to take his place.  All you have to do is look sufficiently pompous and read stuff off of a teleprompter.  It’s not like these people actually have to understand the issues or anything.


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