Thanks for everything, Jon. And Good Luck.

Jon Stewart is going to step down as host of The Daily Show.  He has been there 15 years which is pretty much the same as forever.  Liberal Americans everywhere are saddened.

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart

Jon is a very funny guy.  But that’s not the main thing, because there are a lot of funny guys out there.  Although he makes me laugh, his role as political commentator is far more important than his role as comedian.  In fact, I’d put him in the same category as George Carlin.  A lot of the people who rave about them being great comics really love them because they  agree with their politics.

Nobody roasted the Republicans like Jon.  He made them look like absolute idiots and he usually did it just by quoting whatever stupid thing they were all saying that day and then showing a montage of clips in which they said the exact opposite.  It’s formula stuff, but I’ve never seen anybody else do it half as well and I don’t know who they’re going to get to replace him.

There will be somebody.  There is no shortage of up and coming young comics.  There never is, and never has been, a shortage of up and coming young comics.  I can’t imagine there ever will be.

I  don’t know what Jon is going to do next.  Some have suggested that he wants to direct films.  If so,  I  wish him luck.  Others have suggested that he should run for public office.  I’d support that.  Being a successful comic does not necessarily qualify someone for elective office but it doesn’t disqualify them, either.  Al Franken is doing a pretty good job of it.

At any rate, Jon:  You were great, we loved you, we’ll miss you, and we wish you the best of luck in whatever you do next.


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