My Day in Poetry

I write poetry, as a lot of you know, and it’s generally a pretty harsh and thankless field.  Even the great poets are only recognized among other poets, and most not even that.  I’ve noticed, on facebook, that when I comment on somebody’s post in rhyme, it is generally ignored, while some others can post a status update of “I don’t want to get out of bed this morning” and it will lead to a spirited debate with hundreds of comments.  I can’t figure it out, so I’ll stick to my plan: I’m going to keep writing, in the hopes that eventually I’ll write something so blindingly brilliant it will be unignorable.

Today was a pretty good day.  On my way to my first class, which turned out to be my only class of the day,  the morning light was sharp coming over the buildings and actually lit up a patch of the derelict,  pink, ex-military hospital that gives Invalidovna its name,  and I thought “To see things in a different light, is more than just a metaphor” and I’m pretty sure that’s a good first line for a poem but I haven’t got anything more written down – that’s my task for tomorrow.  One concept I want to get in there is that morning light is different from evening light, which is weird because you’d think they’d be exactly the same, parallels, but morning light means clarity, sharpness, new beginnings, brilliance, a lack of ambiguity, whereas evening light is soft, nostalgic,  relaxing, a precursor to the darkness of night.

Anyway, after that I spent most of the day on facebook, and got two poems written there, which I liked, although they were pretty much ignored, and if you hate poetry, especially rhyming poetry, you can stop at this point because the rest of the blog is mostly cut and paste.

The first one was in reply to a post commemorating Galileo’s birthday:

Galileo Galilei

Was coerced, and forced to say

The the Sun moves round the Earth

I would have, too, for what it’s worth

To tell an itty bitty lie

To stay alive and not to die

Now, it’s alleged that he said

The Earth moves round the sun instead

Sotto voce, sort of muttered

“Nonetheless, it moves” he uttered

I don’t believe he said those words

Because, if anyone had heard

He would have been executed

And his voice more swiftly muted

Still, it’s irrelevant, just because

Whatever Galileo said

In his desire to keep his head

Indeed it does, indeed it does


And the second was a more general thought on the weirdness of having  “facebook friends” who you don’t actually know in real life, or at any rate not that well, but  we’re all kind of the same.


I see the family photos, upon my facebook screen

Of people who I’ve never met,and never even seen

In a park, beside a lake, as pretty as you please

Or in Uncle Bob’s back yard, between two leafy trees

The children standing in the front, their smiles are nice and bright

And the patriarch and matriarch, with hair so snowy white

Each in their position, each one has their role

They look just like my family, though I don’t know a soul



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