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It’s late and I need to write something but I’m not too  excited about anything in the news.

A bit depressed at the news that Will Smith’s marriage is on the rocks, but that’s life – it’s not like he hit anybody or molested a child  or spit on his fans or anything, so it’s all good.

A bit miffed at Rudy Giuliani’s comments that “Barack Obama doesn’t love America” but that’s just Rudy Giuliani  being a jerk.  He blew it so badly when he was running for President that he has been irrelevant ever since, and this certainly doesn’t make him more so.

It appears that Russia is winning the cease-fire, which should be an oxymoron but in the reality of world politics it is not.  On the other hand, evidence mounts that Russia has armed the separatists, which everybody just sort of assumed all along and it doesn’t really matter if nobody’s going to do anything about it and I don’t think anybody is.

I tried to load a  “browser plug-in” even though I don’t really understand what that is but I was told it was free and it’s a thing that whenever a politicians name appears in an  article, if you hold the icon over the name , it shows all the corporations that are paying them money, sort of making real the idea that congressman should all wear jerseys like Nascar drivers with the names of their sponsors, but so far all it seems to have done is screw up my computer, I keep getting that gray box that says “A script is operating” or something like that,  and  all you can do is shut it down and restart again and again.

There’s my 250  words for tonight.


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