Frack Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is a slick and practiced politician.  She has, after all, learned from the master of all slick politicians. By itself, that’s not a bad thing.  Bill Clinton was quite successful as president, and he was about a million times  better than the Republican nightmare that followed.  Barack Obama is also a very slick politician.  But, it does mean that we need to pay very close attention to her words, and treat  everything she says with a great deal of skepticism.

Hillary Fracking Clinton

Hillary Fracking Clinton

At a recent “Clean Energy” summit in Las Vegas,  she said that fracking should be “heavily regulated” especially in “areas where it is dangerous.”  Heavily regulated is a very flexible term, but essentially it means “enough regulation so that we can cover our asses and say there’s regulation, but not so much that it  interferes with the oil companies making money.”  Areas where it is dangerous is an even more deceptive term.  It’s dangerous everywhere,   but it’s only dangerous to the people nearby, the ones who are going to be drinking the water that will be polluted by it.  So, when Clinton says “areas where it is dangerous,” she means areas where she or her rich friends have homes.  Anywhere else is fair game.

I doubt that it will, of course, but this should end consideration of her as a serious candidate.  There is no  doubt that the Republican candidate will be a fracker.  If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, the voters in the center, that thin band of people who don’t go into the next election with their minds already made up, will just say “Yeah, Jeb Bush made a lot of money out of fracking, but Hillary’s not opposed to it either.”  The issue will be off the table; neutralized.

Surely, among all the potential candidates in the Democratic party, we can find one who believes that water should not be flammable.


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