Now, Will You Believe Us?

For a long time, people who for some reason don’t want to believe that Global Climate Change (I don’t want to use the phrase Global Warming since it apparently confuses people) is caused by human activity (and why they so adamantly want to believe this, I don’t know -maybe it has to do with some mistaken notions about ‘jobs’ or, even more nebulously ‘the economy’) have clung to the fact that “not all scientists agree on this.”

Willie Soon

Willie Soon

That is true. Although the ratio is something like 97% to 3% that is, indeed, less than 100%.
Well, it just got a lot closer to 100%, and in rather dramatic fashion.
Wei Hock “Willie” Soon, one of the most often quoted scientists among that 3 percent, was exposed a couple of days ago. It turns out that he’s been paid over a million dollars by the oil industry to make that point. The ‘donations’ came from a few different companies, probably so it wouldn’t be too obvious, but a couple hundred thousand of it came directly from the Koch brothers.
So, his credibility is shot. You can’t quote him any more.
The strange thing is, I don’t really blame Soon. Sure, he was willing to sell out future generations for a lousy million bucks, but a million bucks is a million bucks and a lot of basically decent people would have been sorely tempted. I’m sure he said to himself things like “If I don’t do it, they’ll just find somebody else,” and maybe “Well, it COULD be true.” Nah, he probably never said that second one.
But the first one is true,and now the billionaire’s money will flow to the next sell out scientist in line. In the interests of truth, it would be a good idea at this point to investigate the finances of all scientists who deny man-made global climate change.
The number who believe it’s really happening might turn out to be 100% after all.


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