The Legacy of Spock

Leonard Nimoy passed away just a few hours ago, at the age of 83. Science fiction fans everywhere mourn.
There are few other cases in film and TV history where an actor has been so identified with one character. It’s not surprising. Although Leonard Nimoy had many other roles, Spock was special. Spock changed television. Spock changed the world.

Leonard  Nimoy, 1931-2015

Leonard Nimoy, 1931-2015

I was 12 years old when Star Trek premiered in 1966, and me and my brothers were seriously excited. The only science fiction series prior to that on TV had been Lost in Space, and Lost in Space was crap. I think even the people who made Lost in Space were aware of how crap it was.
Star Trek was different. Sure, it was cowboys in space, but they took the science seriously enough that it wasn’t a farce, and Spock was a big part of that. The fact the he was always logical and super smart was a great plot device because it meant he could explain the plot as it went along. Also, he was the only alien on the crew. Future Star Trek incarnations learned from his popularity, and rectified that under-representation. He was the Jackie Robinson of alien characters in Sci-Fi series.
As an actor, as a character, and as a human being, he will be sorely missed. Thank you, Leonard Nimoy, for your life.


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