How to Be a Creative Genius

I’m not even going to link to the article because I didn’t even read it, the premise (as stated in the headline) was so stupid. “Easily Distracted? You might be a creative genius.” I saw an article the other day that said if you are easily annoyed by people making slurpy noises when they eat, and farting and stuff like that, you might be a creative genius.
They come up with a new version of that every now and again; if you’re left handed, if you like to sleep late, or whatever. It’s bullshit.
Do you want to know how to know if you’re a creative genius? Ask yourself this: have you ever created something that was genius? If so, you are a creative genius. If not, probably not so much.
It’s cool. In addition to that sizable portion of the population who are neither creative, nor geniuses, there are plenty of geniuses who aren’t so creative. Without them, society wouldn’t function. There are also creative people who are a bit short of what most people would describe as genius. That’s O.K., too.
Keep creating, keep piling up the art, keep writing those novels that nobody reads, and maybe some day it will all click and you’ll be a creative genius. Or maybe not. The world needs crap art, too. Otherwise, how would we know that the good is good?
One thing is for certain. Reading articles like that, even if you fit all the qualities on their list, is not going to make you a creative genius. Adjusting your lifestyle so you fit the criteria in the article and hoping that in that way, you will eventually be recognized as a creative genius is not going to work, either.
Go forth and create. And good luck.


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