Friday the 13th, Before Pi Day

facebook is even worse than a face to face conversation as far as watching what you have to say, both because whatever you say is written down (forget about written in stone; written in cyberspace, recorded in the permanent memory of the hive mind, is far more permanent) and because people get so damned sensitive.
It’s hard being nice all the time. I think there should be one day of the week when everybody can just let fly, be as bitter and nasty and mean spirited as they like. As we have Throwback Thursday, I think we should have Sarcastic Saturday, or maybe Mean Monday. Just a thought.



Weird rumors out of Russia because Putin hasn’t had a public appearance in over a week. Is he ill? Is there some kind of behind the scenes power struggle? Shacked up with a young lover? Kidnapped by aliens? Actually, I doubt if it’s anything. A week is not that long and it’s not a bad thing to give oneself a total vacation, away from the press and all. Kim Jong Un disappeared a couple of months back and everybody thought he was through. That turned out to be nothing and this probably will, too. It would be good for the world, though, if he was suddenly dead or forced from power. Maybe. Who knows who’s waiting in the wings?

Time magazine had Hillary Clinton on its cover recently, but some are claiming the cover was a bit of sabotage. They had her in silhouette and her head was over the M in ‘TIME’, so the little pointy bits at the top looked like devil horns. It might have been accidental. Magazines screw up like that all the time. Or maybe it wasn’t. I don’t think it will affect her chances one way or another. Do people still read magazines?

The Pope said recently that he plans to retire in a couple of years, like the guy before him. I don’t quite get this. Is being Pope like hard work or something? You have people to wait on you hand and foot and you live in a palace. Strikes me that a guy couldn’t ask for a better retirement. If he does step down, though, that Pope for life tradition is pretty much shattered.

Scientists now suspect that Enceladus, a moon of Saturn’s, might not just have an ocean under it’s icy crust, it might be warm, damn near boiling in points. That makes it a seriously possible location for life. It will be about 30 years before we find out, with our current level of technology. So, we’d better get cracking.


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