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Comically corrupt congressman Aaron Schock of Illinois, who has probably done far worse but got nailed for dipping into the wrong set of funds to redecorate his office – the part that made it funny and kept it in the news was that he chose a Downton Abbey motif – has resigned. It won’t change anything. There are 435 members of congress and the Republicans will still have a fairly safe majority – but it’s still funny.

Aaron Schock (R-Ill)

Aaron Schock (R-Ill)

A court in Denmark is going to hear evidence that 9/11 may have been an inside job. It’s like this: Niels Harritt is a scientist who says nano-thermite was found at the scene (which would prove that bombs were pre-planted in the building, hence inside job). He wrote an article about it. A Danish magazine printed another article, saying he was a crackpot. He’s suing them for libel. Brilliant! All I ever do is bitch at people on facebook.

But, a bit more on the Drake Equation and mankinds search for intelligent, extraterrestrial life. What we’re really looking for is life as we know it. That’s why we’re hung up on water based worlds. One of my favorite episodes of Star Trek (original series) was the one with the Horta, the silicon based life form that ate rocks. It will be a long time before we find something like that, because that’s not what we’re looking for.
If we make it to Enceladus in the next couple of decades, and find an ocean, teeming with life, under the ice, science geeks will go crazy. The average person will say “Eh, fish.”

No, we’re looking for oxygen breathing, water drinking life forms with language, fingers or an equivalent, and interesting art forms.
The Drake Equation is basically humanity’s application to a galactic dating site.


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