The Smart Party

Rumor has it that Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is actuallyquite an intelligent guy. I have two things to say about that.

Ted Cruz (R-Tx)

Ted Cruz (R-Tx)

First, after George W. Bush, the idea that an Ivy League education implies actual intelligenceshouldbe thoroughly debunked. Second, if he actually is smart and says the stupid stuff he says, such as threatening to repeal laws which don’t actually exist (common core), that is seriously bizarre, and twisted.
Ditto for Ben Carson and Tom Cotton.
Why would they do that? Why would intelligent people continue to promote unintelligent ideas? (Denying science is most definitely a stupid idea. Science does not stop working just because people say it doesn’t.) One possibility is that, quite simply, they are paid to. Another could be that, like Cruz, they’ve got some wackadoodle idea that bringing about the apocalypse (i.e. WWIII) is fulfilling Biblical prophecy.
Personally, I think the extinction of the human race is a bad idea. I think most normally intelligent people would agree, realizing that the extinction of the human race includes them.
What is needed is a Smart Party. That doesn’t just mean that its candidates would be smart (see Cruz, Cotton, Carson), it means a party dedicated to the idea that intelligence (and by that I mean reason, logic, and objective calculation, not just clandestinely gathered information as in ‘military intelligence) is an important part of good governance. Economics? Do the math. Whether or not to wage war? Study history. Study the region. Find intelligent alternatives. Solar power, Global Warming, Legalization of Marijuana – what do the scientists say?
It would be a formidable political force.


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