First Prediction

Of course, the American presidential election won’t begin in earnest for almost another year. Nonetheless, I’m going to make a prediction now. Why not? The professional pundits have been at it for over 3 years already. Presidential election season is stretched out worse than NBA basketball.

The World's Worst Nightmare

The World’s Worst Nightmare

I predict that the Republican nominee will be Jeb Bush. (There’s an advantage to making a prediction this early. If I turn out to be right, I get to claim to be a political genius. If I’m wrong, there will be plenty of time to make another prediction.)
The reason I believe it will be Jeb, the somewhat-less-retarded-but-probably-just-as evil-Bush brother, is that Huffington post has a big, blaring headline (the only kind they know how to do) that says: “Christian Right: Anybody but Jeb”
Shades of 2012. They came to the front one by one, grabbed their little bit of fame, and burned out. Michelle Bachmann not knowing the difference between Johyn Wayne and John Wayne Gacy cost her Iowa and she was out. John Huntsman spoke a bit of Chinese, which would have actually been a plus if he was running as a Democrat, but that was just way too high falutin’. Then Rick Perry with the famous maple syrup incident, Herman Cain with that dumb You-Becky-Becky-Beckystan comment, and Santorum did or said something Santorumish. Meanwhile, the Christian Right was saying “Anybody but Romney.”
It’s deja vu, all over again.


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