The Personality of A.I.

So God created mankind in his own image. In the image of God he created them. Genesis 1:27

They Are Coming

They Are Coming

And mankind proceeded to invent computers, the internet (which I see as a very real example of artificial intelligence), and eventually will create the race of super intelligent androids which will replace us. As long as we don’t forget to program in some version of Asimov’s laws, I don’t object.
If human beings can create something superior to ourselves, then we should. That is magnificent. That is parenthood.
Not to do so, in the face of the knowledge that we could, would be self-limiting. It would be refusing to play because we are afraid of losing, it would be competing in a lower division just so we could be on top.
It just seems natural, though, that whatever form of artificial intelligence emerges, it will be in the image of man. It will have, to some extent, our tastes, our instincts, our dreams. Consider the internet. Nobody predicted just how popular internet porn would be, but we should have been able to. Sex is pretty basic. The obsession with cats, though, took me totally by surprise. I am not a cat person, but apparently, billions of people are. The internet has a mind of it’s own, but it is a mind it inherited from us.
Today, I saw a rather frightening aspect of this. I was just trying to look at an article somebody had linked to on facebook, and I got a screen which said “Please rotate your phone to portrait.” This struck me as very weird, because I was not using a phone. I’m not up with all the cool kids. I generally use my phone as a phone, sometimes as a camera. When I’m using the internet, or writing this blog, I am using a computer. Sitting in the same chair, and chasing the rabbit out from underneath, where she would like to chew on the cables if she could get away with it.
It made me realize, though. When we eventually create a race of super intelligent androids, there is one type of human being they will resemble more than others.
They will be insufferable nerds.


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