Baltimore and More

I’m quite certain the press is not reporting accurately on the scene in Baltimore, because since when does the press report accurately on anything. Accuracy does not drive ratings, and ratings is the name of the game. If it bleeds, it leads.

Baltimore, earlier today

Baltimore, earlier today

I was struck, though, by the image of people forming a line to defend the police against the protesters. What struck me was that the police behind them were armored up heavier than players in the NFL -helmets with full face plates, riot shields, probably wearing bullet proof vests- and the people protecting them were in their street clothes. Their only protection was their faith in the crowd. That’s courage.
It’s probably just as well that the cops had their faces completely covered. Otherwise, they would be humiliated, in the pages of newspapers and on millions of facebook feeds.

Why do writers constantly post pictures of typewriters and wax nostalgic about them? How do we get that verb, to wax? It’s not as if you were actually waxing something. But, I digress.
If these writers are old enough to remember using an old typewriter (and it’s never the picture of an electric they post. Always some old banger that required a fair bit of finger strength with every single letter. The ribbons were constantly getting twisted. Keys would stick. They were a pain in the butt. And it’s not just the typing that’s gotten easier. There was no spell check on a typewriter. You couldn’t just hit print and run off 20 copies. You couldn’t add a photo, or link to a news article. Really, the old days sucked. I can’t imagine how we did it, but I’m pretty sure we didn’t do it as well.

Glad Bernie Sanders is running! Democrats can seriously stop bitching about not having a choice. Pick a side, but either way, you can’t deny it’s a choice.


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