You don’t have to be a lover of the royals to not be a hater of the royals. Charlotte is a lovely name.


If Bernie Sanders gets the nomination, and I think it’s a very real possibility, he will win the presidency. But, it will be a nasty election. There will be an outpouring of anti-semitism that will shock a lot of people – and it will come from the same exact crowd that’s been kissing Netanyahu’s butt so hard their lips are practically stuck. Doublethink is just not a problem for that bunch.
It’s O.K., though. They weren’t going to vote for Hillary, either. Although their numbers are disturbingly large (around 30%) the apocalyptic, rapture-ready Christians are not a majority. We got a black president without them. We will have our first Jewish president without them. Heads will explode. (that’s an added bonus)
It’s bizarre enough that some people in Texas think that recent military exercises (which happen with great regularity on U.S. military bases, some of which are in Texas, are part of a plot by Obama to ‘take over’ Texas (which he’s already president of, btw). The plot, known as Jade-15, also has something to do with
Wal-Marts closing.
What’s more bizarre than that is that Texas Governor Greg (whose middle name is Wayne, like many serial killers) Abbott is taking the threat seriously enough to call out the Texas State Guard (That’s different than the Texas National Guard. They do things different in Texas. Whole ‘nother country, remember?) to ‘monitor’ the exercises.
What’s more bizarre than that is that Texas Senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz is playing along with this paranoia. He said that since Obama has interfered with people’s 1st amendment rights (he hasn’t), 2nd amendment rights (he hasn’t) and just all around been an evil dictator (he hasn’t), this level of paranoia is justified (it isn’t). Kentucky Senator Rand Paul was blunter, just saying “I’m on the case.”
What’s more bizarre than that is the NO Republican candidate has stood up and said “Hey, come on guys, the U.S. military is not plotting to take over Texas, because Texas is actually part of the U.S., FFS, how stupid can you get?
Their career would die quicker than you can say “John Huntsman.”


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