More than 3/4ths of the way through his presidency, I still can’t figure Obama out. He supports that Pacific trade deal that absolutely nobody likes – at least not any actual human beings, I’m sure some corporations love it. He’s been fairly good at blocking the Keystone Pipeline, but he’s all for allowing Shell Oil to drill in the Arctic Ocean, which is a disaster waiting to happen. He’s cool, and he’s smart, and I love the way the

Thanks, Obama

Thanks, Obama

Republicans go into an incoherent rage whenever his name is mentioned, but I’m still not sure he’s one of us, and by one of us I mean people who are concerned with the well being of the human race and would like to see it have a future.
Consider this. On the one side, it’s nice to see that this urgent problem is at least being addressed at the presidential level.
While most of the American public is busy debating gay wedding cakes, assault rifles, and abortions, Obama is taking time out of his busy schedule to try and do something, at least, about the dying bees.
On the other hand, it’s not near enough. He’s proposed more research into neonicotinids, when it’s already been shown they are bad for bees and they should be banned outright.
But, setting aside some land to plant plants that bees like is an awesome idea, because it will help the bees and make the roadsides prettier. It’s a win-win.
But, it’s not enough, and I’m pretty sure he smart enough to know that. So, I worry.


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