The Pressure is Off

We had the last Alchemy of the season last night. Now there will be a summer break and hopefully, it will be back in September. It was a pretty great session. A couple of new and relatively new people, 3 or 4 poets who actually rhymed instead of just me, and a good crowd; about 30 people, some of whom were girls, and some of whom were real cute.
All male readers, though. That’s a problem. Too many poems about shit. At least 3. When I announced that I’d finished a book, I cringed a bit when I realized the title (The Shit Guru (an Expat’s Story) was lending to the theme. A few people said they would buy it, though, which was great.
I realized when I got home that with Alchemy done for the season, and my book done forever, the writing pressure is off. No deadlines. (O.K., a bit of proofreading to do tomorrow, but there is always proofreading – that is a minor irritation)
It feels great.
I am working on creating a page (facebook page) of Ekphrastic Poetry, but there’s no pressure there. It gets done when it gets done, I can add to it at will, and most of the material is already written.
I might also have enough conventional poems collected for another book.
I’d like to start on a second novel, but don’t have the idea yet. That will either happen someday when I’m walking down the street and suddenly say ‘OMG, I should write about that!’ and I’ll miss my tram stop and be late for work, or somebody will come to me and say ‘Hey, you should write about _______,” and that would be cool, too. Either way, I’m not going to rush it.
The pressure’s off.


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