Earth’s Flying Saucers

Having read this story, it’s not that big of a deal, but the headline is cool and, by itself, indicates some very strange possibilities. NASA has built a flying saucer.
Never mind that they are ferrying it up to over 30 miles in the sky gettin' readybefore letting it loose under it’s own power, and then it’s only mission is to go a little higher, before parachuting back to Earth. It’s a flying saucer.
Never mind that it’s ultimate mission will probably be just to be a Mars lander, and not to visit nearby star systems. It’s a flying saucer.
Never mind that they chose a really lame acronym. Low Density Supersonic Descender is a bit technical and lacking in magic, but LDSD sounds like Mormons on acid. Maybe that wouldn’t be lame at all if it was deliberate, but I suspect it’s not. But never mind all that. It’s a flying saucer.
Never mind that it bears little relation, except for shape, to any alien flying saucers which have visited Earth. They have crossed many light years of empty space, and we are still piddling around with the inner planets of our own Solar System. It’s a flying saucer.
There’s no real need to be excited. It’ not anti-gravity, it doesn’t use that new-fangled accidental warp drive. But it’s saucer shaped, and it flies, so it’s a flying saucer.
Why? Why do we feel the need to emulate that shape? Of course, time passes, design evolves, and mankind could not have been reasonably expected to shoot penis darts out into space forever. I suspect there’s more behind it, though.
Maybe NASA is convinced that flying saucers are real and we are emulating them, like some high-tech cargo cult. Maybe NASA actually has the remains of one (I wouldn’t be surprised if that were being kept secret) and has been doingsome reverse engineering.
Who knows? But I hope this upcoming test is a huge success, because it is kindof a cool thing. It is, after all, a flying saucer.



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