Poems About Paintings

The Shit Guru is finished, there’s no more work to be done on that. A bit of promotion, choosing a teaser to post each day, trying to figure out how to get copies shipped to us without spending too much on shipping, hoping people will start ordering it on Amazon or Kindle, but basically it’s done and I’ve got a bit of time on my hands.
Except I don’t. One project ends, another begins. The past couple of days – a weekend extended by the fact that I don’t have any Monday or Tuesday classes at the moment- I’ve been working on Poems About Paintings, my new facebook page. gauguin
The hard part is just that the computer keeps fucking up (fact of the matter is, I hate computers, because I don’t understand them, and they sense that, that weakness, that vulnerability, and they take advantage).
There are about 30 poems that it doesn’t look like they’ll make it to the page because I can’t find the artist’s name, and in some cases the painting itself, because scrolling back further than a month is insanely time consuming.
It reminds me of my first computer, when you’d just have to wait a half an hour to even get connected.
Still, I’ve got 36 poems up so far, a few more will be added over the next few days and maybe forever, and I’ve been getting good feedback.
The artists like it, of course, because it’s a showcase for their work, and it makes reading poetry easy, for people who really don’t care that much about poetry, which is damned near everybody.
People like looking at pictures. Reading is work. We can bitch about that till the cows come home (I’ve never understood that expression. The cows come back into the barn every night, so ‘until the cows come home’ really isn’t that long a time), but the fact remains. As a writer, I can either adapt to it or remain unread.
I’m adapting.


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