Hillary’s Speech

The thing that surprised me most about Hillary Clinton’s official entry into the presidential race this morning was that I thought she’d officially entered the race months ago.
So, it was a bit of an anti-climax.

She's on the trail

She’s on the trail

One thing about the speech that didn’t surprise me at all was that it received about 10 times the media coverage Bernie Sanders official campaign announcement got, and I don’t even remember Martin O’Malleys official entrance speech, and I follow these things.
There is little doubt that the press loves Hillary. It could be just because they like the story, first female president and all will sell some newspapers, they’re used to writing about her and certainly her husband is always good press. Could be. I suspect they’ve got more cynical, calculated, financial motives, though.
I suspect that because ‘the press’ is made up of a few large corporations and corporations always have cynical, calculated motives.
It was a good speech, I suppose, those excerpts of it that I saw, and those excerpts of it that I read. She gives a good speech. I don’t think it will be enough, though.
She talked a lot about income inequality but she’s a bit late to the party. That’s Sanders’ issue now. There’s the lingering suspicion that she wouldn’t be talking about it at all if he hadn’t made it an issue.
She also made a couple of fairly positive statements about the environment, which is good. I like the environment. But, a couple of statements doesn’t make up for the fact that she’s in favor of fracking, which is about as anti-environmental as possible. She’s got a long way to evolve before she’s in line with most Democrats on green issues.
In short, she’s going to have to seriously raise her game if she expects to get the nomination, and I don’t think she can do it.


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