I don’t want to dwell on Dylann Stormfront Roof. Other people have covered him better than I can, and the full psychological profile isn’t really clear yet.
I agree with John Stewart that this needs to make us stop and take a long, hard look at racism. I also agree with many people I’ve read who say that this needs to make us stop and take a long, hard look at gun laws, and mental illness. There are just so many things we need to work on.
But, since I agree with everybody else so much, let me just talk about something else.

It struck me this morning, I don’t remember what triggered the thought, actually; something I read, something she said. Hillary Clinton’s campaign, so far, seems like she’s repeating the mistakes of ’08. Trying to stay above the fray, pressing the inevitability myth – maybe it’s the press that does that – either way, this year is looking a lot like 2008.
On the Republican side, a clown car of candidates. On the Democratic side, Hillary thinking she’s got it in the bag because it’s her turn and she’s owed, and a fresh, young contender (Yes, I’m talking about Bernie, O.K., so he’s not so young, but that’s not the points.
So, since it’s played out so much like 2008 so far, it is likely to continue to do so. After Super Tuesday, Hillary will start to realize she doesn’t have the delegates to pull it off. She will get down and dirty, putting her last, scant hopes of ever becoming president over the good of the Democratic Party.
It is Hillary who will be the first to scream “Socialist!” It is Hillary who will push the fuck out of the lying “Bernie can’t win” meme.
I could be wrong. I sure hope I am. But I think I’m not.


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