Bernie Sanders, The Man

I was talking with a friend earlier this evening and the subject of Bernie Sanders came up, as we are both supporters, and he said “They’re nervous because they don’t have any scandal on him. They’ll probably just make something up.”



And they probably will. But it struck me, that as forthright as he’s been about his positions, we really know very little about his personal life, and that’s usually where the scandals arise.
So, I looked him up on Wikipedia. I was kind of surprised at the lack of detail. He grew up in Brooklyn. His father was an immigrant from Poland, a lot of whose family died in the Holocaust. His wife, Jane O’Meara Driscoll, was president of Burlington College. No more info on her. She uses her own last name, which is O.K., and it doesn’t sound terribly Jewish, which is also O.K.
Sanders has one child with Driscoll, and three step-children. He has a brother, Larry, who lives in England.
That’s about it. The entry focused – perhaps as it should – almost entirely on his political positions and his electoral record.
One thing that struck me about his electoral record: in all of the 3 public offices he has held (mayor of Burlington, congressman from Vermont, and Senator from Vermont), once elected, he would get re-elected and re-elected, sometimes by very large margins. That’s a sign that he does a good job.
And that’s what counts.


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  1. L’ information fournie ici est à l’égard de raisons pédagogiques seulement .

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