It was a hot day today, a sweltering hot day. Up until about a week ago, we were having a very moderate Summer, an extended Spring really. But today, as soon as I stepped outside, I felt the heat. I found myself looking for shady patches to walk in and hurrying through the sunny spots.
I didn’t have to go out much, though. I went to the doctor’s office this morning to get him to sign some paper that Sam needs for football camp, but he’s on vacation for the month of July. That’s right in the neighborhood. A few hours later I went to take back a library book, late, because we couldn’t find it, Sam had lent it to a friend which he ‘forgot.’ Booger.
That meant a trip into the center. Although residential neighborhoods were looking empty and somnolent, the center was as filled with tourists as ever. I do not care for this trend of people with snakes around their necks, although I guess they get enough tourists wanting pictures that they make money on it, so what can you do? To each their own.
Most of the day, though, I was at home, working on my next book of poetry. I was amazed, looking through my files, how many poems I’ve written that aren’t in any book yet. Some are crap. It will require some editing, but I expect I’ll have it ready in a week or two.
Then, Helena and I went out to see Divergent II, because they have an open air theater thing in the park, and it’s cheap and a nice thing to do, and the kids are up at the cottage with their grandparents, but there were technical difficulties. We hung around for a while, waiting, and it may have eventually happened, there was still a crowd waiting when we decided to pack it in and come home.
It’s now 11:20 at night and still hot.


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