The Rest of the Weekend

Well, visiting the cottage is never my favorite way to spend a weekend, but it wasn’t too bad.  After yesterday’s epic bike ride, we drove up in the afternoon and it was about  4 o’clock by the time we got there.

Al Pacino playing a drunk guy.  What a surprise.

Al Pacino playing a drunk guy. What a surprise.

Still stinking hot, and  all the kids  were in the pool.  A circular, above ground pool, not a lap swimming  pool.  So, we got  in.  Our kids and their 3 cousins, who for the most  part think of meas  a pool toy.  I am there  to be jumped on, strangled, dunked and other stuff they find entertaining.

The funniest moment of the weekend  was when Helena suggested they do handstands.  Patrick (8) did a perfect one, but the fact that he wasn’t wearing any swimming trunks presented a sudden, and very comical image.

Watched Harry Potter: The Philosopher’s Stone on TV, which I know well enough that it  didn’t matter that it  was in Czech.  I loved the books.  I don’t quite understand  the tremendous success of the  films.  When you see them in a foreign language you realize that for the most part it’s a lot of people cheering at sports  events and award ceremonies.  ( I exaggerate a bit.  I did like the movies.  But they are not the books.)

Today I picked a lot of cherries, some red currants, and some black currants.  I took a couple of long walks, saw some magnificent vistas of Česky Raj, startled a hare, and saw a deer running away from us through the woods.  And got beat up by the kids in the pool again.

Home again, Helena and I just went to the outdoor cinema and saw “Danny Collins” with Al Pacino.  There were parts of it I liked very much.  Helena fell asleep.


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