Ashley Madison: a Prediction

Ashley Madison.  Wow.  What a ginormous screw-up.  Here are the basics, and then some thoughts on the subject:  Ashley Madison is a dating site for married people, who would very much like to ‘date’ somebody they are not currently married to.  Hackers got into their database, and have published a list of the client’s names.

First, I hope they catch the bluenosed puritan (or bluenosed puritans) who did this.  I hope they publish his/her/their name.  They would not be safe anywhere on Earth.  What a rotten thing to do!  They are worse than Republicans as far as trying to discourage people from having sex.  This is the world’s biggest cockblock ever, a party poop of epic proportions.

What will happen?  It won’t be as universally devastating as some think.  For one, there is information overload.  There have been, I believe, about 34 million names published.  Hot damn, that’s a lot of people.  Many husbands (or wives), who have no reason to be suspicious, will not even bother to look.  Despite the results beingt published, a lot  of people will flat out get away with it.  Others will have spouses who don’t care.  Some couples will catch each other – that will be awkward.  Some spouses will get angry, but will decide they can live with the anger, rather than end the marriage.  Some people will lie (I was just doing research for a novel I was writing, honey, honest!).  Some of those will be believed, and some not.

Sites like this may step up security, or start using psuedonyms.  Sites like this will not go away.  How do I know? 34 million users!  That is a huge number.  And that is in addition to all of those who are cheating the old fashioned way, without any cyber help.  That means there are hundreds of millions of people (out of 7 billion, it’s not everybody, but it’s still a lot more common than I would have thought) who are cheating on their spouses, or want to.

So far, the only famous name that’s been mentioned in the news is Josh Duggar.  No real surprise, there.

I predict that Ashley Madison will roar back, buoyed by the publicity, stronger than ever.  If not, some other site doing the exact same thing.  Secrecy is dead and it doesn’t matter.  The urge to get a little bit of wild and crazy sex on the side is stronger than the need to conceal it from one’s spouse.

QE will be D.  That’s my prediction.


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