A Tiny Apple

Today was my last day of reading Tarot cards at the art gallery.  It was good fun while it lasted, but the artist/owner only intended it as a summer promotion, whereas I’d seen it as a possible permanent gig.

Maybe just as well.  It wasn’t bringing in a lot of money.

It was time well spent in other ways, though.  I got some poetry written, some reading done, and had some great conversations while waiting for customers.  I had several interesting readings, and added a couple of people to my facebook account.

One of the most memorable things, though, was a small thing.  A very small thing.  Only about a centimeter or two square.  It happened Thursday.

The gallery’s art is all done with colored pencils, and so they sell colored pencils.  They have them right next to the cash register, and there is a note pad people can use to check them out.

At one point, when there was nobody  in the shop after a busy stretch when there’d been maybe a dozen people through in the preceding half hour or so, the girl who works there, who is quite an artist herself, showed me the pad.

Where several people, (everybody) had laid down monotone scribbles to check  the pencils, one person had drawn a perfectly lovely apple.  It was red with a bit of brilliant yellow.  It had curves, it had perspective, it had shading, it was three dimensional.

It was small, and just something somebody had sketched in a few seconds, while nobody  was looking, but there was something brilliant about it.  And we couldn’t figure  out who did it.

There are people in this world like that, they walk among us.  They have incredible talent that they don’t show, either because they  are unaware that they have great talent, don’t see it as anything extraordinary, or because they are modest and not particularly driven to share their  talent with the world.  They are artists, musicians, writers, builders, teachers, psychologists, and  dog trainers.  They go through life, publicly seeming ordinary and mediocre but then, while nobody is looking, they draw the perfect apple, or play something amazing on the piano, or build a dream cottage in the forest, or teach a child math in a way they’ve never thought about it before.

I would have never suspected it.  But then I saw the apple.


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