Everything repeats.  On discovery channel, I do like NASA’s unexplained files and Dark Matters, but I think I’m pretty well up on the top 10 or 15 UFO cases by now, they talk about the same ones over and over, and ditto dark matters.  If you flip over to the music channels, it won’t take long until you’re hearing the same songs over and over in a loop.

Facebook is no different.  I’ve got quite a few friends who are totally one issue people (or maybe one or two issue people) and it gets a bit repetitive.  I’ve got the  guy who believes that marijuana is the cure for everything, from cancer to erectile dysfunction.  I love my marijuana, have enjoyed it recreationally since I was a young lad back in Des Moines, but it gets to be a tiresome topic of conversation after a while.  I’ve got a girl who always writes about how evil Monsanto is.  I agree with her, but whenever I see her name I know what the post is about so I sort of scroll past real quick.

There’s one guy I’m thinking of defriending, I haven’t made up my mind yet.  I’m sure he’s not a bad person, but I don’t know him in real life so there’d be no fallout from defriending him.  He actually has 4 or 5 favorite topics, most of which are political.  He’s a bit to the right of me, but almost everyone is.  He calls himself a liberal, but says crap like ‘We have to remember that most cops are good.’

But that’s not why I would defriend him.  It’s just that he’s almost always right at the top of my feed, and I don’t comment on his posts enough to warrant that, and I suspect that he’s paying to have his posts pushed up, and that kind of pisses me off.

Axing him might actually speed things up, too, because he posts so much.  So, I don’t know.  Haven’t decided yet.


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