The Day in Court

There are three court cases I’d like to comment on today.  In one, I think the judge ruled correctly.  In one, I think the judge did not.  In the 3rd case, it hasn’t been decided yet but since I am a blogger and not a participant, I am free to give my opinion and I will.

Harris Faulkner - because she's easier on the eyes than Kim Davis

Harris Faulkner – because she’s easier on the eyes than Kim Davis

1-1-1, so that’s about the same rate of agreement as when I watch Judge Judy.

First, the case of Harris Faulkner vs. Hasbro.  She is a reporter for Fox News, they are a toy company that produced a cute, little, plastic hamster named “Harris Faulkner.”She is suing them for $5 million.  As much as it pains me to side with someone from Fox News, this seems like a no-brainer to me.  Harris Faulkner is a unique sort of name.  The hamster doesn’t look all that much like her, but they both have big eyes.  They’re obviously using her name and image to sell their product.  They should pay.  The thing is, they should have asked her permission and offered to pay up front.  It’s probably good publicity for her.  And so is the court case.

On to case #2.  I don’t see why the Tom Brady vs. the NFL case came to court at all.  He is an employee of the New England Patriots, who are part of the NFL.  Therefore, the NFL was completely within their rights to suspend him for 4 games, which I don’t even think is a lot.  The courts have more important fish to fry.  Are there no murders?  Are there no bank robbers?

In the case of Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis vs. all the gay people of the world, I think the judge did absolutely the right thing to cite her for contempt of court and throw her hillbilly butt in the slammer.  The immediate effect was that all the other clerks in the office immediately said “Hey, we’ll issue the licenses, it was just her.”  So, problem solved.

But, I’d like to talk about a side issue.  Since she started getting so much publicity for refusing to grant  marriage licenses to gay  people, it’s been revealed that she’s been married 4 times (3 different men, she married one of them twice), and she wasn’t completely faithful during all of those marriages, either.  A lot of people have called her a hypocrite, and her defense was “Before I became a Christian in 2011, I did a lot of crazy  things.”

What was she before 2011?  Davis isn’t usually a Jewish name, and she doesn’t look Jewish.  I doubt if she was Muslim.  Pagan?  Animist?  Santeria?  None really seem to fit her profile.  My guess (and I’m not going to research this.  I don’t care that much about Kim Davis.  If I’m wrong, somebody let me know and I’ll  print a retraction) is that she meant “Before I became a Jesus lovin’, born again, starry eyed evangelical nut case kind of Christian.”

Because that is a whole, separate breed.


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