The Musepaper Reading

Just got back from a poetry reading and it was the most fun I’ve had at a poetry reading in a long time.

Unfortunately, it was a one-off.  It was the end party of a student literary magazine and the student who was the driving force behind it is off to England for her graduate studies, so that’s that.

There was a lot going on.  There were lots of musicians, there was a play, there were chlebičky and cupcakes, really brilliant cupcakes.

The main thing that made it special, though, was the crowd.

I’m used to going to poetry readings where there are 20-25 people in the room, most of them are American or English, and 30 is considered young.

This was a crowd of Czech University students, and it was a good sized crowd.  Lots and lots of good looking, young women which inspires me to perform, no doubt about it.

I felt my bit went pretty well, although only one person bought a book (looking on the positive side, one person bought a book!)  The reading started off with poets who’d been published in the magazine, there were 5 of us, then there was the play, which was kind of a dark, weird, multi-media thing, then the students read, and some parts of that were very interesting.  Some of them have read at Alchemy before, but it was good to see them in their natural environment.  David was hammered and it was quite intense.

Must go to sleep now.  Early class tomorrow.  Didn’t even stay for the last band, and they sounded pretty  good.


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