Homo Naledi

Depending on how you count, there were between a dozen and  two dozen human species walking the Earth at some point or other, most between about a million years ago and something like 60,000 years ago (I’m not going to actually look any of this up – if my dates are wrong, lt me know in the comments. In this case, that wouldn’t affect my conclusion.)

Homo Naledi (best guess -we've got fossilized bones, not photographs

Homo Naledi (best guess -we’ve got fossilized bones, not photographs

There were the Neanderthals, and the Denisovans, and the Hobbits (Homo Floresiensis), and Homo Erectus, and Australopithecus, and Australopithecus Africanus, and people like that, none of whom have survived until modern times, unless Bigfoot is real, and I kind of doubt that.

The latest  find comes from a group of scientists in South Africa, who’ve found the bones of approximately 1,500 individuals from human beings they are calling Homo Naledi.

It would be way  cool if some of those species were still around.  We could undoubtedly learn a lot from each other, and we might serve as a check on each other’s excesses.  But, no, we had to kill them all off.

And, I’m sure that’s what happened.  Oh, sure, maybe the Neanderthals starved or froze to death, and maybe Floresiensis all doied during a typoon, but not ALL of those species.  Genocide is the only explanation that makes sense and would be applied to all of the species.

This is why I think the aliens won’t speak to us.  Here’s the theory:  Maybe the evolution of intelligence is a pretty common thing, out there among the planets.  Maybe members of  the Inter-Galactic federation have rules, like “Don’t stop at any planet which only has one advanced, technological species.  They killed off all  the others.”

So, if we ever want to sit at the big kid’s table, if we expect to join the other intelligent species of the universe, maybe we’d better start improving the way we communicate with Chimps, Gorillas, Chimps, etc…


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