Conspiracy Hypothesis

A friend of mine posted this meme and at first I didn’t quite know what to make of it.  Is that something anti-semitic?   No, I thought, that’s being a bit paranoid. conspiracy Or is it a play on the fact that so many popular conspiracy theories involve some sort of a cabal of Zionists, Bankers, and the Elders of Zion, or that old Rothschild dude who looks strikingly like Mr. Burns and has like more trillions of dollars than actually exist within the gross international product.  Probably that.

But then I decided to look at it just at face value, because out of all the ways you can look at a thing, that is always one.  Information is just raw data, different points unconnected with anything, much less each other.  It’s the start point.  Knowledge, of course, when you can connect all the dots.  Nice to have, but we really have so little of it, and the people who are most convinced they’ve got it are the ones who are completely deluded.

Then you have that Magen David shaped conspiracy diagram: some dots on the lines, some at intersections, and plenty still floating out in empty space.  Well, that’s either a conspiracy theory or the actual state of human knowledge.

For example, I think 9/11 was an inside job, and lots of people would call  that a conspiracy theory.  It certainly fits this chart.  We know for a fact that Halliburton made 39 billion dollars on the Iraq War, that the Bush administration had plans to invade Iraq even before 9/11, and that Dick Cheney, who has close connections to Halliburton, was vice president on 9/11.  Those facts go on the lines, but there are plenty of facts still in the spaces, and plenty of the facts are unknown, so don’t appear on the chart at all.

So, it’s not a theory in the sense of the theory of evolution or the theory of relativity, where theory means something awfully close to fact.  Maybe conspiracy hypothesis would be a better term.


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  1. 1 of 7,351,326,031

    The image strikes me as an artistic variant of the noise we get whenever trying to sort out conspiracies, a saturating marginalization of truth seekers as ‘jew haters’. Note that the phrase ‘anti-semitic’ (hatred of people that speak certain languages) is meaningless and serves the same purpose as the image. By definition, a Zionist is not a Jew, they are polar opposites.

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