Get Back, Jack

We were walking through the supermarket yesterday and I saw pumpkins for sale.  Nothing wrong with that.  The pumpkin is a vegetable.  However, just to

Too Soon!

Too Soon!

make sure everybody got the idea, there was a Jack o’ Lantern perched right on top.  (It’s starting to catch on here, but Hallowe’en is still very much an American import.)

I like Hallowe’en.  It’s one of my favorite holidays.  I love putting on a costume and going to a party, because you get to put on a totally different persona and the costume gives you a conversational opening with everybody.  But, it’s still September!  If you buy a pumpkin and carve it out now, it will be a stinking, festering, decomposing bit of orangeish-brownish putrescence long before Hallowe’en.

It’s a problem in our society.  Christmas has nearly eaten the half a year that precedes it, and even the minor holidays, like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s day, get a couple of weeks of advance publicity, reminding everybody of how disappointed everybody else will be in them if they don’t go out and buy a whole bunch of shit

Then, there are the completely unnecessary days.  International Coffee Day?  I drink coffee every day as it is.  It’s like having International Toothpaste Day or International Watch TV Day.  Completely superfluous.

Or how about Left Handers Day?  To the best of my knowledge (and nobody has more knowledge on the subject than I) I have been left-handed every day of my life.  There’s no way I can NOT observe the day.  Maybe it’s meant for right handers, that they should try to be left handed for a day.  But, that would be silly.

Let left handers be left handers, let right handers be right handers, and we can each celebrate every day with  whichever hand we like.

There are only 365 days in the year.  We need to let a few of them just be ordinary days.  And, leave off the pumpkin carving until a day or two before Hallowe’en.


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    Nice catch, I’m so tunnel vision now when out in public, the wall of plump juicy pumpkins at WalMart didn’t register as out of place (time). +1

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