Debate Night

Tonight is the first of the all-too-few Democratic presidential debates.  I’m looking forward to it, but not enough to stay up and try to watch it, and catch all the live blogging and live tweeting -time zones, you know, it’ll be about  3 or 4 in the  morning here.

Also, I don’t expect any fireworks.  Bernie will continue calmly  telling the truth.  Hillary will give a couple of rousing speeches.  O’Malley, Chafee and Webb will try to justify still being in the race.

I saw one article (well, I saw the headline and  a short blurb – so many articles, so little time) that said “Sanders must win big tonight or his campaign’s in trouble.”  Fuck off.  Could you people (so-called journalists)  be any more obvious in your anti-Sanders bias?  (That was a rhetorical question.  No. No, you could not.)

Sanders campaign is firing on all cylinders.  His message is straightforward, his poll numbers are steadily  rising, he’s raising money, he’s drawing crowds like a two-headed lady, and he’s running ahead of Hillary in Iowa and New Hampshire.

If he has a mediocre performance tonight (which I don’t expect – I imagine he’ll do great), his campaign will still be doing just fine.  Hillary, on the other hand, needs a strong performance to stop the slide, to remind people that she is an intelligent, charismatic woman.

Chafee, O’Malley and Webb need a win, any kind of a win, anywhere, to make their campaigns viable.  They could get it tonight, but I don’t expect any of them to back out tomorrow morning.

So, it’s an important night  for all of them, but it’s not really make or break for anybody.  The “pundits” are full of shit.]


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