Transgender Leftist Activist?

At no point did Ted Cruz ever have a reputation for honesty, so it should come as no particular surprise that he referred to Robert Dear, the crazy man who killed 3 people (and wounded many others) at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood Clinic the other day, as a “Transgender Leftist Activist.”


‘Transgender Leftist Activist’ Robert Dear

But that’s just such a brilliantly flaming pile of bullshit that it’s rather awesome, no matter who it comes from.  When you go out to see fireworks on the 4th of July, you don’t walk away  saying “I expected that.”  You say “wow.”

He managed to fit three lies into three words, all the while deflecting from the truth, which is that the shooter was incited to do what he did by insane right wing rhetoric and lies, i.e. the totally fraudulent and debunked Planned Parenthood video that said Planned Parenthood sold baby body parts.  Even the guy who made the video has admitted that it was bullshit.

Let’s take this word by word.  Transgender.  Have you seen the guys picture?  Not that this is a flattering thing to say about men, but I’ve never seen a man less likely to be mistaken for a woman.  He has enough facial hair he could be on Duck Dynasty.

Also, while it doesn’t say much in his favor that he liked looking at porn a lot and was arrested for hiding in his neighbor’s bushes, trying to catch a glimpse of her naked, those are both very heterosexual, male activities.

Lets move on to ‘leftist.’  No, Senator Cruz, this man was not a leftist.  He did not take hostages at a bank and demand they buy all the homeless people a free turkey dinner.  He did not demand that Syrian refugees be allowed into the country before he released his hostages.  And, quite obviously, he was not an advocate of gun control.  So, which leftist position does he support?

Now, #3.  Activist.  Did he have a record of signing petitions or organizing boycotts?  If so, nobody knows about it.  He’d been arrested for animal abuse, but that doesn’t make him an anti-animal rights activist, it just makes him a dick.

From the look of him, it doesn’t appear that he was even terribly active, much less an activist.

It seems that Cruz got all of this from the fact that his voter registration lists him as an independent, and a woman.

The woman part is probably just a mistake on the part of the registrar.  They looked at his signature and thought it said Roberta.  Honest mistake.  They were going to let him vote anyway.  He’s registered in North Carolina and he’s white.

It doesn’t make him transgender.  I doubt very much if the transgender community wants to claim him, either.  They aren’t even so excited about claiming Caitlyn Jenner, and she looks good.

And being registered as an Independent hardly means that somebody is a leftist, except in the fevered imagination of Ted Cruz. Most people are registered as Independents.  More than are registered as Republicans or Democrats, actually.

And activist?  Well, I don’t know where Cruz got that one.  Except maybe from the fact that he shot up a Planned Parenthood Clinic.





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