Toward a Healthier Habit

I am going to conduct an experiment.  As most people who know me know, I smoke rather a lot of marijuana.  I don’t  know if I can say ‘more than average’ because then the question becomes ‘more than the average what?’goofy

If it’s more than the average person, than obviously, because you have to factor in all those people who don’t smoke at all and that drives the joints per day average down to a fraction of 1, and probably a small fraction at that.

If it’s compared to the average person, I don’t know.  I used to average a couple of joints a day, but I can’t do that any more and still present myself in front of a classroom of students, stand upright, not slur my words, and stick to one train of thought, so now I average 2 or 3 joints a day on weekends, maybe 1 on other days if I don’t have an early morning class coming up.

Here’s the problem, though.  Living in Europe, I have become accustomed to rolling European style joints; a 50/50 mix of marijuana and tobacco, in a cigar length concoction, with a cardboard filter.

Thursday, as we left for the cottage for Christmas, I had a hell of a cough.  I didn’t take anything to smoke  – sometimes I do, and enjoy it on a long walk around the countryside – but this time I decided to play it cool in front of the in-laws and go cold turkey for a few days.

Getting back to Prague, with my  cough pretty much gone, but still jonesing for a joint, I was faced with a dilemma.  So, I decided to roll one the old fashioned, American way and see how it went.

It went fine.  I’m not saying I’ll turn down anything that’s passed my way in a smoky pub, but for the moment I’m going back to this style when  rolling my own.


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