Thinking About Nothing

This is the time of day when I should be able to think clearly, everyone else in the family is asleep, all of the days duties have been done except for those I decided, once again, to put off until tomorrow, and all I still have left to do before slipping gently  into the  world of  sleep and perchance some entertaining dreams is to write  this blog, and my mind is empty, which would be great if I were trying to meditate and clear my mind but is not so wonderful when you’re trying to think up a topic for a blog.

I often think that ‘meditation’ is just a fancy word for ‘thinking about stuff’ just like ADD means whacko kid can’t sit still, and  other first world ailments, but some people who are into meditation have objected to that stance, saying ‘no, the idea is to clear your head of thought’ and that just seems bizarre to me.  That’s what the head does.  It thinks.

I find it strange when I start going on a political rant and somebody says to me ‘I don’t think about politics much,’ it actually angers me a little bit, but then again, if everybody thought about politics, it wouldn’t necessarily change the left-right paradigm, or even shift the percentages, it would just increase the numbers and make the world that much difficult  for  everybody.

So, if you don’t want to vote, it’s O.K., even if you are a pretty cool person who wants a better society.  Somewhere, there is a total rightwing headcase who is also too apathetic to vote, and you and them are canceling each other  out.


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