Bernie Sanders, Movie Star

First, in the name of journalistic integrity, a quick  update on yesterday’s  blog.  Clinton won  6 coin tosses in Polk County (Des Moines) precincts, but there  were several precincts state wide decided by  coin toss, and Sanders did win  some of them, so  it probably was a coincidence and not  fraud.

But  this is the video that made my day.  At first I thought  it was  a joke. ‘Watch Bernie Sanders playing a rabbi in  a 1999 comedy.’  Yeah, right.  I expected it to be some old Jewish  guy who looked and talked a bit like Sanders, which might or might not be funny, depending on how close it was.  As I watched, I thought, Dang,  that guy does look like Bernie Sanders, and talks like him, too.  In his  wacky wedding speech, where he goes off topic and starts ranting about baseball, it actually had the  same cadence  as one of his political speeches.

So, I looked it  up on  IMDB and, sure enough, it’s him.  Certainly a funnier  scene than Ronald Reagan ever did.  If he hadn’t gone into politics, he  could have been an  actor, or even done  stand-up.  Now, I want to see the movie.

It reinforces  what I really love about Sanders.  Sure, I agree with most of his policies, and I like him for that.  He has been fighting  for  civil rights since he was a college student, and  I  respect him for  that.  He has tremendous intelligence, and character, and political experience, and I admire  him for that.  But, I love it that he’s kind of a funny, old, Jewish guy.  It’s going to be a bit like  having Mel Brooks for president.


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