A New Low for Hillary

I’d like to address tonight’s blog to any  Hillary Clinton supporters among my acquaintance:  Surely THIS is a step too far.  I mean, I know you weren’t terribly bothered by her little  racist  joke (which was definitely her joke, not DeBlasio’s.  She set it up, she got the punchline.  Do you honestly think they didn’t rehearse that?), and you were positively gleeful about  160,000 Brooklyn Democrats being denied the right to vote.  You’ve  blown off our charges of shady political activities in Nevada (push polling) North Carolina and  Massachusetts (campaign infiltration, election  place engineering) Missouri and Illinois (weird ballots, actual vote  flipping) and voter suppression , with Arizona and New York being the most blatant examples, and Rhode Island already announcing that only a third of their polling places will be  open on Tuesday’s primary.
Oh, I know you’ll brush this off, too.  It’s just one Super Pac.  It’s only a million dollars.  How is this different from phone banking?  It’s probably not even  illegal.
Well,  it’s only one Super Pac and only one million dollars that we know about, and if it’s not  illegal that’s just because it’s a new use of technology and nobody’s ever thought of being this sleazy before.  And the  way it’s different from regular phone banking is that they are not just trying to spread the good news about their candidate, they are trying, through sheer weight of numbers and persistent repetition of falsehoods to brainwash the public.

It is truly a frightening turning point in human history.  I’m hoping that, at least for some of you, this is  the step too far, this is  the moment you’ll look up and say “Oh, my, she really is a monstrous cheat, isn’t she?” and throw your support to Bernie Sanders.

For the future. For the world.


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One response to “A New Low for Hillary

  1. Russell Watson

    Hey Willie, Honest question for you here: why is this a big deal? I read the USUNCUT artlcle. But the headline is misleading. It says “Busted”, “Caught” and “Trolls”. But none of those are the case. The PAC had a press release stating they were hiring people to spread their message online. I know you disagree with the message. But if it’s in their press release, it’s hardly under the radar and they weren’t ‘caught’. And if they’re stated goal is to post pro-Hillary content, that’s not trolling any more than you posting comments on articles is trolling. If what they’re doing is pretending to be something they’re not and posting outlandish things just to get a rise out of people – that would be trolling.
    I’m honestly curious why you find this nefarious and ‘a new low’.

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