Facebook Stump Speech

Some Hillary people are trolls, some may have legitimate  reasons, although I can’t see any, but a lot of them are kind of naive and innocent and easy to argue  with, although almost impossible to convince.

They are the ones who think Hillary is soooo smart and soooo qualified, and it’s about time we had a woman president.  They haven’t actually been following all this talk about policies and  such.  So they sometimes ask very innocent questions that  hover in  the air like a slowly  thrown softball at a company picnic.
One jumped onto a thread today and said “Can somebody please explain all this Hillary hate to me?”  This was my response: “I’ll try. As a Senator, she voted for the Iraq War and the Patriot Act. At a time when she could have assumed, and earned, the leadership of the Democratic party, she assumed the role of cheerleader for George W. Bush.
She also voted for offshore drilling. She’s willing to allow fracking, and will likely vote for the Keystone XL pipeline. She is no friend of the Earth, that’s for sure, and the Earth is rather important to a lot of us.
She is for private prisons, which are an abomination. As long as some people can make profit on others’ misery, they will do everything they can to bring as much misery to as many people as possible. To make sure those private prisons have a plentiful supply of raw materials, she is in favor of keeping marijuana illegal.
She and her husband have used their roles as ‘public servants’ to become outrageously wealthy. Her charity is basically a money laundering machine. (She doesn’t give a shit about Haiti. If the Clinton Foundation had done the stuff they’ve taken credit for, Haiti would be an O.K. place by now, and it’s not.) She fought against a 62 cent minimum wage for Haitian seamstresses. She arranged a coup in Honduras. She supports the TPP.
All of those are reasons I would find it difficult to vote for her, they are areas where I disagree with her strongly. But the real reason I hate her is this election. It hasn’t been fair from the start – the lopsided press coverage, the bias of the DNC, right up through the out and out theft of the elections in Arizona and New York – and I’m amazed that Hillary supporters don’t see that. I am amazed that anybody is willing to settle for such a corrupt, self-serving, power hungry individual when we have someone in the race who is honest, and decent, and dedicated to serving the public.
I hope that explains it for you.”

I doubt that she’ll be convinced, (too mansplainy) but my point is that after several months of campaign, I can reel it off like a stump speech.  Look at all these reasons for opposing Hillary.  Look at how fucking many of them there are.


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